The Cleatus Cup™ is a unique water/boating themed drinking mug. An ingenious example of repurposing, Cleatus Cups™ are the perfect vessel on or near the water, when tailgating, or during any of life’s celebrations. If you're drinking from anything less .... you gotta ask yourself why. These might be the coolest cups known to man, but unless your gripping one filled with your own favorite beverage, you'll never know. Our version of the redneck beer glass, saltwater style! This unique beer mug is for the angler who has it all. No fisherman or water adventurer should be without one!

Using a patented six-inch boat cleat as a handle, Cleatus Cups™ are 6½ inches tall, 3½ inches wide, and hold twenty-four ounces of your favorite beverage.  The “Fun Meter”™ is visible through the bottom of the cup (while looking down into the mug) to gauge your good times and warn you when you’re running low. These unique beer mugs are made out of food grade plastic (body) and ABS plastic (cleat). Cleatus Cups™ are BPA-free and safe for use with all beverages--and yes, they do float! Cleatus Cups™ are dishwasher safe; however, to protect the logoed finish, it is recommend that they be washed by hand. Cleatus Cups™ are not microwave safe due to the use of stainless steel screws in the handle.

Virtually indestructible, Cleatus Cups™ should not crack, melt, shatter, or chip under normal wear and tear.  We will replace them free within five years of purchase if they do.

Cleatus Cups™ are “MerMade in America”. Our company is veteran owned and our manufacturing facility is located in Thomasville, North Carolina. We are “tied to American pride”.

Blue Captain Anchor

Sku: DL140-B1
Regular price $15.95

Paisley Anchor Captain

Sku: DL186-B
Regular price $15.95

Ship Happens

Sku: DL155-B
Regular price $15.95

New Pink Anchor Nauti Girl

Sku: DL171-P
Regular price $15.95

Time To Get Ship Faced!

Sku: DL210-RB
Regular price $15.95

Aquaholic Anchor

Sku: DL195-B
Regular price $15.95

Anchor Compass

Sku: *SL092
Regular price $10.95 $15.95

Seas The Day Blue

Sku: DL168-B
Regular price $15.95

I'm The Skipper

Sku: DL103
Regular price $15.95

No Pier Pressure

Sku: DL156-B
Regular price $15.95

Pink Anchor Chevron

Sku: DL081-HP
Regular price $15.95

New Pink Anchor First Mate

Sku: DL173-P
Regular price $15.95

Deck Candy

Sku: DL163-P
Regular price $15.95

Paisley Anchor Captain Hot Pink

Sku: DL186-HP
Regular price $15.95

Flag Anchor

Sku: DL180-B
Regular price $15.95

Paisley Anchor First Mate

Sku: DL189-B
Regular price $15.95

Pink & Blue Captain

Sku: DL185-B
Regular price $15.95

Patriot Anchor

Sku: DL040
Regular price $15.95

New Blue Anchor First Mate

Sku: DL166-B
Regular price $15.95

New Blue Anchor Bad Buoy

Sku: DL170-B
Regular price $15.95

Blue Crew Anchor

Sku: DL151-B1
Regular price $15.95

New Red Anchor Nauti Girl

Sku: DL211
Regular price $15.95

Sea To Shining Sea

Sku: DL158-B
Regular price $15.95

Orange & Blue Anchor

Sku: *DL133
Regular price $15.95

New Pink Anchor

Sku: DL144-P
Regular price $15.95

New Black Anchor First Mate

Sku: DL165
Regular price $15.95

New Black Anchor Captain

Sku: DL145
Regular price $15.95

New Black Anchor Bad Buoy

Sku: DL169
Regular price $15.95