Cleatus Cups

    1. The Cleatus Cup dimensions are 3.5 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches tall.
    2. The handle is a 6 inch nylon boat cleat.
    3. The Cleatus Cup will hold 24+ ozs of your favorite beverage.
    4. Yes, the original Cleatus Cup is very buoyant. Although it will not float upright, it will float if accidentally dropped into water. The "Admiral" cup will not float, so be careful when beachside!
    5. Cleatus Cups

    6. The Cleatus Cup is top rack dishwasher safe. However; we recommend to hand wash your cup with a mild detergent to maintain its appearance.
    7. You may enjoy hot and cold beverages in your Cleatus Cup. The Cleatus Cup is not suitable for use in the microwave due to the use stainless steel screws on the handle.
    8. Cleatus Cups

      Cleatus Cups are made at our manufacturing facility located in Thomasville, NC. The Cleatus Cup is 100% made in the USA. The Cleatus Cooler is assembled in the USA. Our company is also veteran owned. We are "tied to American pride".

      Cleatus Cups

      • Yes. BPA is primarily a byproduct of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is not used in the manufacturing process of the Cleatus Cup.
      • The Cleatus Cup is made from food grade plastic (body) and nylon plastic (handle).
      Cleatus Cups

      • Yes. We encourage customization of the Cleatus Cup. We can add your logo to the Cleatus Cup using modern decoration processes. Please contact us for a quote.
      • We are easy to work with. Most orders require a minimum cup quantity of 48 cups to avoid setup fees. Please contact us for your cup needs.